[Crow] is a small, active community of adults (21+) who enjoy playing Guild Wars 2 together. We are an inclusive, no drama group based on NA servers that focuses on friendship over gear, numbers, and gold.

We have members who enjoy all aspects of the game and are a true PvX community. We do lots of PvE (story, achievements, exploring, fractals, etc) as well as weekly WvW havoc on Yak’s Bend and even occasionally venture into PvP.

We use Discord for text chat throughout the day and voice chat in game for events or just hanging out. It is an important part of our community and we require at least listening for most events. We keep our chatter family friendly (or PG-13) so everyone feels comfortable.


Discord is our out of game hub for basically everything.

Instead of an additional website or forum, we put everything in Discord to keep it handy, so in addition to text and voice chat, you can also find our announcements, events, and resources.

You are welcome to join our Discord and look around to learn more about us. After you apply we can chat with you there more about the guild. (Note: as a non-member, you can't see and do everything.)


We offer regularly scheduled activities a few nights of the week and leave a few open to whatever comes our way. Events will change up as interests change.

We host special events on a monthly basis (such as contests, guild games, and tournaments). Discord is updated every month with the schedule and special upcoming events.

We also have a Looking for Group channel in our Discord that any member can utilize to start a group, and of course you can always use guild chat to ask for help or form impromptu groups for events.

Current Schedule/Guild Message:

Sun: PvE Event at 7pm PDT/10pm EDT
Mon: Guild Missions at 7pm PDT/10pm EDT
Wed: Fractals at 7pm PDT/10pm EDT
Thurs: WvW Havoc at 7pm PDT/10pm EDT

April 5 - Bounties
April 12 - Hide n seek
April 19 - Super Adventure Box fun times
April 26 - Search for shinies


Respect others

Be friendly, considerate and kind. We are an inclusive, drama-free group, and are all adult enough to respect each other.

If a member is causing waves, it will be addressed quickly. No sexual language, no bigotry, no hate, and no politics will be tolerated in either text chat or voice chat. Our guild chat is to be family friendly (PG-13).

Know that your actions in game represent all of us, therefore we expect your actions to non-guildies to be equally kind.

Engage with us

We are an active adult community. We expect members to join with guildies, chat with us and participate in a guild activity at least once a week.

Members certainly aren't required to join every event throughout the week, but joining one or two each week is the best way to get to know us, and for us to get to know you.

If you are going to be offline or busy for an extended period, let us know so we can keep your seat warm.

Rep us

If you are playing with us (guild event or something organized in chat/discord), you should be repping us. We happen to think [Crow] is an awesome guild tag, so why not show it!

We are fine with multi-guilding, but we expect you to be a part of our community. If you aren't repping, active in chat, or coming to events, you are not really an active part of us.

We welcome you to rep us all the time and hope as we become your in game home you will, but it is not required when you are not playing with us.



Role Name GW2 Account Discord
Leader Connor tilted off mobas.2657 c4conqueso#7445
Leader Tea TeaMelon.7923 Lemon Tea#2197
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